How long does it take to make a cast bronze plaque?

We allow ourselves a maximum of 15 working days from receipt of an approved proof and payment.


How many words can you fit on a plaque?

As a general rule you can fit 4 characters per inch (25mm) including spaces on the width of a plaque and 2 lines per inch for the depth.


Why use Bronze to make plaques?

Bronze is an incredibly long lasting material, after all they still find artefacts thousands of years old from the Bronze Age. It is also very beautiful and in the case of natural patinated plaques they just get better with age.


Am I limited to your selection of Motifs?

No, not at all. Our selections are only a very small part of what we can actually do. Please call or email us with your desired choice and better still if you have a drawing email that to us. We can’t always reproduce what we are sent but 98% of the time we can. There is usually no extra charge for this service but in some circumstances artwork charges may apply.

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